About Riga Parket

Riga Parket is a manufacturer of natural and ecological solid and 3-layer hardwood flooring and interior elements that provide economical and also individual and exquisite solutions. Riga Parket takes care of the whole floor making process – from tree felling to floor installation, thus providing high quality at an affordable price.

Successfully combining the best traditions and the options of the latest technologies, the company manufactures and installs wood flooring for over 15 years.

We respect our customer’s opinions and preferences so our priority always is to put forward the customer’s requirements.

The hard core of Riga Parket – Aldis Balodis, Martins Eglitis and Janis Glezeris – is experienced professionals who offer the most suitable solutions to client’s wishes. Riga Parket has one of the leading positions in precious wood flooring sector in Latvia

Aldis Balodis takes care of everything necessary for production, develops new products as well as is engaged in complex project management. Aldis is forestry engineer and MBA. He has gained practical woodworking experience both in Latvia and United Kingdom. He was the one who started precious hardwood floor and constructional element production in 1995 that is the bases for Riga Parket operation today.

Martins Eglitis works with clients; he is responsible for marketing as well as monitors the company in the whole. Martin has studied economics and business management. He has proven himself as a successful sales and marketing professional in several international companies.

Janis Glezeris works with customers as well as takes care of qualitative execution of the floor decking and carpentry projects. Janis has mastered style furniture carpenter’s profession and is studying business management. Janis has many years experience in construction management and restoration.



SIA Riga Parket 06.07.2016 ir noslēdzis līgumu Nr. SKV-L- 2016/529 par atbalsta saņemšanu
ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu
pasākuma "Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana",
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